Software Development

From web-based applications to software designed to run on custom hardware, there is a solution for everyone.

Ask for a free consult and let's find out if we're a good fit.

With an emphasis on minimalistic yet generic design, your product is guaranteed to run smoothly and remain scalable. By relying on a "pure technique" other developers can be more easily integrated into your organisation.

Web Development & Design

Web design inspired by best practices and responsive design and running on a custom platform to provide a fast and efficient website or webshop for your organisation.

We know that your website is your calling card. Don't let your website perform poorly with bloated standard solutions. Contact us today and let's build something that represents your organisation.

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FORIETY – Providing a variety of solutions to your organisation

Application Development

Our speciality is the development of custom applications adhering to best practices and a principle of purity.

We can develop an application on your behalf and/or assist in the development of applications, supporting a new or existing development team.

The world of IT never stands still, and so maintenance is one of the biggest costs you are likely to encounter.

What typically happens is that an application will be developed with the latest modern standards. Several years later, the world will have moved on and what used to be an acceptable practice has become outdated.

Your application is turning into a legacy application. The cost to introduce new changes increases. Fewer software developers are able to support (if they have even heard of) the technologies used in your once state-of-the-art platform.

Software developers tend to learn a method, and most tend to apply that method to every problem they encounter, whether that is the appropriate solution or not. We're only human, so it's natural that we'd stick by our proven methods. But in a world as fast-paced as IT, you can't afford to be left behind.

One of the founding principles of Foriety is the practice of maintaining control. Control over the underlying technologies behind your applications is paramount to the survival of your platform.

We believe that to achieve this control, you need to stick with the basics. Pure code, untainted by frameworks and abstractions and other messy constructions. These things can only be useful if they are understood by the majority of your developers.

Whether you have an existing application that needs some work or are looking to develop a brand new one, we are here to help you stay on track.

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